Your Next Powder Vacation Awaits...

Guided skiing packages to your bucket list locations or our personal favorites from the United States to Canada. We have the experience and the partnerships to link the best of Jackson Hole, best of Crested Butte, or the best of Whistler Canada. Let the good times begin!

What We Do

We have created multi-day packages that check off the “best of” what the area has to provide. We’ve done the research and know just where to go to get the best ski conditions while checking off the local classic descents. As you move through multiple days of touring and your legs start to feel heavy we like to mix in Helicopter and Resort assisted backcountry touring so we can keep doing what we love with nothing to hold you back!

Location Location Location

Not only do we take you to some bucket-list locations in the western US and Canada, but we put together skiing itineraries that will blow your mind.

Certified Guides

Your guides have been through years of education to become nationally and internationally certified by the American Mountain Guides Association or the International Federation Of Mountain Guides.

Maximizing your vacation on and off the snow

We’re not just here to show you a good time on the snow. We’ll take the stress away from figuring out how to get from the airport to the final destination, or where to eat and stay.


We want to see your personal education and skill sets continue to grow. We want you to become better informed, and more efficient with your own backcountry skill sets.

  • You gotta go – Untracked snow, laughing, the views….Spectacular.

  • Our backcountry skiing/splitboarding day was by far the most memorable day during our stay in Crested Butte. We were so impressed with how you went out of your way to make sure we had everything we needed. Evan was very attentive and did a great job at picking terrain appropriate to our experience level and was extremely helpful.

  • Evan ‘Tequila Worm’ Ross is one of the rare guides that seamlessly combines social and technical skills. He can confidently get you into some incredible technical terrain, but not make you overthink it and get inside your own head. I’ve spent about 20 days touring with Evan and have plans for many more objectives big and small.


At Powder Vacation, we seek out the best locations to create your next best adventure.

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